2023 ASPL Committees and Objectives


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Sponsorship Committee

This committee works with the Board of Directors to maintain the fiscal strength and integrity of ASPL by managing and coordinating fundraising for ASPL including conference sponsorships and honoraria for designated awards presented by ASPL. This committee works from March through November.

2023 Subcommittee Members
Mark Boesen
Emily Do
Steve Gray
Ryan Hatfield
Joseph McHale
Jerry Moore
Eugene O'Donnell
Edward Rickert
Gregory Yen

Charge for 2023
1. Obtain sponsorship funds for ASPL Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXIV in the amount of $50,000.
2. Identify new potential ways for sponsors to participate in ASPL.
3. Review benefits of sponsorship at each level for ASPL and other similar organizations.  Provide Board with recommendations that align ASPL with similar organizations.
4. Obtain funding for the Larry M. Simonsmeier Writing Award.  

Program and Education Committee

This committee has three subcommittees each with their specific charges.

Education Subcommittee:
The Education Subcommittee plans the educational content of ASPL conferences in close coordination with the other sub-committees.  Committee reviews proposed submissions and selects final presentations.  Committee may also recommend topics and recruit faculty.  Committee works with staff to assure faculty meets ASPL submission and CPE/CLE requirements.  This Webinar/Roundtable Subcommittee plans the educational content of ASPL webinars and roundtables throughout the year. 

Anne O'Brien, Co-Chair
Archita Patel, Co-Chair

2023 Seminar Subcommittee Members
Alexis Adams
Jennifer Baumgartner
Ilisa Bernstein
Jennell Bilek
Deneen Fumich
Nick Gonzales
Anthony Gray
Kim Grinston
Eman Kirolos
Eileen Lewinski
Debbie Mack
Justin Macy
Todd Nova
Kala Shankle
Mike Simko
Danielle Swenson
Jangus Whitner

2023 Webinar/Roundtable Subcommittee Members
Nicole Burgmeier
Ben DiMarco
Michael Dowell
Joseph Fielder
Gregory Kaupp
Debbie Mack
Natalia Mazina
Marina Plotkin
Kristin Villa
Andy York
Anne Marie Youlio

Charge for 2023
1. Plan educational programming for ASPL Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXIV in 2023. 
2. Plan educational programming for pharmacy law track for the annual APhA meeting in 2024. 
3. Plan educational programming for any other conferences in which ASPL may participate.
4. Ensure that all educational programming complies with continuing education requirements as identified by CE providers. Work closely with Quarles & Brady to establish requirements for CLE ethics.
5. Identify potential new ways to reach ASPL members and others on programming offered by ASPL.  This content might include an evergreen webinar or a video that provides useful information on current topics related to law and policy. 
6. Select webinar topics and speakers for quarterly presentations and roundtables.

Pharmacy Law Educators Subcommittee

This subcommittee plans the educational content of the Pharmacy Law Educators portion of ASPL conferences in close coordination with the other subcommittees and staff.  It recommends topics and recruits faculty.  Committee works with Staff to assure faculty meets ASPL submission and CPE/CLE requirements.

Rachel Barenie, Co-Chair
Gina Moore, Co-Chair
Geoffrey Mospan, Co-Chair

2023 Subcommittee Members
Jennifer Adams
Jennell Bilek
Andrew Dang
Kimberly France
Cynthia Hall
Henry Hine
John Jones
Amy Reese
Rodney Richmond
Jim Ruble

Robert Stein
Kristin Villa

Charge for 2023
1. Plan, recruit and oversee the presentation of the Pharmacy-Law Educators session at the Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXIV. 
2. Work with Webinar/Roundtable Subcommittee to create 2-3 roundtables for ASPL members.
3. Update a list of each person who teaches pharmacy law in every U.S. school of pharmacy.
4. Compile and distribute results of benchmarking survey.
5. Create process of informing students about ASPL.

Scholarship Subcommittee

This committee coordinates the review and selection of recipients of ASPL’s various awards programs May through September each year depending upon nominations received.

Frank Palumbo, Co-Chair
Mike Podgurski, Co-Chair

2023 Subcommittee Members
Dick Abood
David Bobb
Anthony Gray
Eman Kirolos
Sarah O'Rourke
William Stilling
Gregory Yen

Charge for 2023
1. Select recipient for Larry M. Simonsmeier Writing Award to be awarded at the Annual Meeting/Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXIV.
2. Select recipient for 2023 Fink Family Scholarship to be awarded at the Annual Meeting/Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXIV.
3. Select recipient for 2023 Fink Founder Award to be awarded at the Annual Meeting/Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXIV.
4. Select recipient for 2023 Ken Baker Memorial Student Scholarship to be awarded at the Annual Meeting/Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXIV.

Ad Hoc Credentialing Committee - DASPL Class II

This ad hoc credentialing committee was formed by the ASPL BOD in late 2022 to develop the class II of the Diplomat, American Society for Pharmacy Law - year-long leadership program for members of ASPL. Charges for this committee in addition to the development of the overarching program in 2023-2024 by the BOD include the application process for the DASPL program, curriculum, program layout, timing, assessment of speakers, and policies, procedures, and templates for future classes. Information regarding the DASPL program may be found at: https://www.aspl.org/daspl.

Erin Albert, Chair

2023-24 Committee Members
Jim Ruble
Jennell Bilek
Emily Do
Patrick Carpenter
Eman Kirolos
Jangus Whitner
Stephanie Thompson
Jennifer Cyr
Michael DeBisschop
Ettie Rosenberg

Ad Hoc Committee: Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination Trends

This Ad Hoc Committee is formed to gain better understanding of trends in Federal and State Jurisprudence Examinations. The Ad Hoc Committee works with American Society for Pharmacy Law (ASPL) Staff to facilitate collection of information.

Gina Moore, Co-Chair
TBD, Co-Chair

2023 Ad Hoc Committee Members
Henry Hine
Jim Ruble
Others, at discretion of co-chairs

Charges for 2023
1. Conduct an information and data gathering program with ASPL members, educational accreditation entities (i.e., Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education), and possibly state licensing entities (e.g., Board of Pharmacy) regarding status of state level jurisprudence examinations in the US:
   a. which states currently require multistate pharmacy jurisprudence examination v(MPJE) for pharmacist license
   b. which states may be considering substantial changes to MPJE, e.g., discontinuation of exam
   c. in those state(s) which have discontinued jurisprudence examination, are other methods being used to verify pharmacist knowledge of legal/regulatory requirements
2. Information gathering would most likely involve a survey tool, but could include other data collection tools (e.g., NABP Survey of Pharmacy Law).
3. Provide any observations to ASPL Board of Directors regarding data trends in MPJE.

Communications, Member Relations and Marketing Committee

This committee oversees ASPL’s publications, website, membership marketing, member services and outreach to other organizations in coordination with Staff and the publications Editor. 

Anthony Fanucci, Co-Chair
Mike Simko, Co-Chair

2023 Subcommittee Members
Ben DiMarco
Ronald Friedman
Deneen Furnich
Anthony Gray
Blake Griese
Henry Hine
Greg Kaupp
Eman Kirolos
Natalia Mazina
Jerry Moore
Michael Dowell
Eugene O'Donnell
Katea Ravega
Larry Selkow
Monet Stanford
Kristin Villa
Jon Wallace
Andy York

Charge for 2023
1. Review and propose updates to membership brochure and ASPL website as needed.
2. Assist editor with RX Ipsa Loquitur and Pharma Law E-News by identifying potential articles/topics.
3. Review current member services to assess their value.
4. Identify potential new member service(s) to increase understanding and engagement of pharmacy law and practice.
5. Coordinate outreach efforts to establish positive relationships with similar organizations.

Nominating Committee

This committee is appointed by the President of at least 3 active ASPL members and is generally chaired by the current Past President.  They will review nominations of candidates and submit a slate of officers and directors to the Board for approval at the July Board meeting.

Finance and Audit Committee

This committee oversees ASPL’s financial filing requirements and proposes financial policies as needed.  Oversee the Ken Baker Memorial Student Scholarship Endowment Fund.

David Bobb, Co-Chair
Marty Dix, Co-Chair

2023 Subcommittee Members
Laura Ritzman
Denise Frank
Henry Hine

Charge for 2023
1. Insure 2022 audit is completed in a timely manner.
2. Insure 990 Taxes are filed in a timely manner.
3. Update financial reserve and investment policies as needed.
4. Review the endowment fund monies received on a quarterly basis.  
5. Update the endowment fund policies as needed.
6. Provide an annual report to the Board on the endowment fund.

Editorial Board

The Board reviews and creates content for the monthly ASPL newsletters.

William E. Fassett, PhD, RPh, FAPhA
Joseph L. Fink, III, JD, RPh, FAPhA
Nicholas H. Meza, JD, MPH
Roger N. Morris, JD, RPh