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Latest News

December 7 , 2021

MassHealth restricts auto-refill programs: Massachusetts Attorney General announced $800 K settlement with Jamaica Plain pharmacy over unlawful auto-refill practices
On November 18, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office announced it had reached a settlement with Bravo Pharmacy of Jamaica Plain, MA, and its owner, arising from allegations that the pharmacy had used auto-refill processes to bill MassHealth for a costly vitamin supplement (Hylavite) that was not actually provided to patients. At the time the allegedly false claims were submitted, MassHealth (the state’s Medicaid administrator) was paying $1,670 for a 30-day supply of Hylavite. The state also charged the defendants with using an auto-refill program that violated state regulations which prohibit refills that are not explicitly requested by the beneficiary or a caregiver at the time of each filling event. The settlement includes $800,000 in restitution to MassHealth and a 3-year period of compliance monitoring by an independent monitor.

The announcement notes that Massachusetts has focused on auto-refill programs, previously reaching settlements with pharmacies in North Chelmsford, MA ($500K), and Colorado ($1M), and with Target ($3M). [, Press Release. AG Healey secures $800,000 from Jamaica Plain pharmacy over unlawful auto-refill practices and billing MassHealth for prescriptions that were not provided. 2021 Nov 18;]